Nadine Zenker

Flying with the Skykart at the beginning of my paramotor training was an important step for me before doing my first foot launch. It was a comfortable way to get into the air even with very few skills and knowledge of flying. It goes perfectly with a progressive paramotor training. It helped me to get familiar with what it means to be in the air by myself. The steering wheel and foot throttle make it really easy to fly. If you know how to drive a car, you can simply drive the sky kart. Instead of being on the road, you are in the air. It was a really good experience for me.

Andrew Solano

SkyDriving is so much fun! So easy to take off and land, as well as being smooth and stable in the air. What a great way to enjoy flying, either for your first flight, or every flight. The SkyKart is awesome!

Gilles Richard

Quebec Canada

I had the priviledge to fly in the SkyKart. I liked the stabilitie.


The steering system is easy . To be able to fly comfortably and safely is something I recommend to all who dream to fly.

Regis Normandeau


I am 73 years old, ex skydivers, airplane pilot. I had not flown in years and Eric gave me the opportunity to try a flight with the RC SkyKart. I was very impressed on how easy it was to fly.


It brought back some nice memories. It is definitely something to put on your bucket list. Pilot or not. It is so easy that anybody can fly this machine.

Max NG


It was quite an amazing task training 6 trainees to PPG2 with around 300 flights total in 2 weeks, considering the less than favorable weather.


This is largely due to your Skykart unique design and ease of use. The Skykart enable beginners to take to the sky safely and quickly, thus gaining confidence.


Thank you for the training and a wonderful product. Planning to get to Skykart for myself too!

Rene Lazure


I have been flying power para gliders for 3 years. Eric introduced me to his SKYKART..instantly hooked. The most stable and easiest machine to fly. Took little time to master. I’ve ordered myself one, can’t wait to take posession of my new SkyKart.

Maryz Grenier


I tried SkyDriving in the early days, before all of the improvements that have been made in the last few years. Eric was extremely diligent about the ground training beforehand, covering everything I would need to know about flying. His preparation was thorough and inspired a great deal of confidence that I would succeed in my first solo. The entire experience, from takeoff roll to getting airborne to actually flying solo was indescribably memorable. Of course, I had Eric’s reassuring voice in my headset, but the feeling of being in control of my own flight was both breathtaking and exhilarating. It’s an experience I will never forget!

Erik Poliquin

“I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little nervous before committing to my first Skydriving experience. I had flown tandem in the Skycart before but never on my own – actually piloting an ultralight was something I was more than happy to leave to the pros!


That being said, the training I received from Eric was excellent. We went over the different phases of the flight and Eric answered all of my questions along the way. Once I was up in the air, Eric and I were in constant communication via headset which allowed him to make minor adjustments mid-flight from the ground.


All in all, I felt well prepared and well supported from my very first lesson all the way to my first landing. I honestly can’t wait for my next opportunity to Skydrive again!”

Sonia McKenzie

“Skydriving made my dream of being a SOLO pilot, a reality!!! It is such an axhilarating feeling of accomplishment to be soaring above the ground, in control of the aircraft! What a simple and non-threatening way to fly! It is truly the most adventuresome and fun thing to do! Eric is an awesome instructor who built confidence and skill in me”.