The SkyKart uses 4 wheels for more stability and a 3 points seats belt like a go kart.  The seat can be adjusted, and the foot pedal is on the right foot.   Sounds familiar to your car or go-kart?


The paraglider we use is a safe beginner glider with a slow and docile behavior, to make the first SkyDriving experience safe and easy.


There is no specific effort for the new SkyDriver to control the SkyKart.  You want to go right; you turn your steering wheel to the right.  You want to go up; you press on the gas pedal.  You want to go down; you release the gas pedal.







The new future SkyDriver go through the one-day training program that includes some basic theory on aerodynamic and simulation in the SkyKart.  We also take you on a first tandem flight with an instructor before your first solo SkyDrive.


To make things even simpler, safer and faster, we also added a RC radio-controlled system to help the new solo flyer during his first flight from take-off to landing.   The instructor can control the power, start and shut the engine off , or indicate which way to turn with a light signal system and the new SkyDriver can get his feet off the ground the very first day.


Close up on RC system.Picture.

Thr Skykart cones with a 2 strokes engine.
There is also the option of an electric motor with an autonomy of 35 to 45 minutes.




Where and when can I fly?

We are located at Valkaria in Florida and use the airport.  Once in the air, you can have a nice view of the ocean.  We fly early morning and late afternoon when the winds are calm to enjoy the first SkyDrive. 

Is it safe?

Aviation has risks and so does SkyDriving.  But we have minimized the risks by using the steering bar that has limited control to avoid stalls or spins.  The new SkyDriver cannot over control, as the steering bar can only steer safely.  We also use the RC system to assist the pilot and can kill the engine or start it.  The engine we use has good power and is one of the very good two strokes used in the sport of powered paragliding. 
*Look up Nitro 200 cc and Tornado 280 by Air Conception


Our glider is the safest you can get. The radio control system is modern and well proven.  Our helmets to communicate with the SkyDriver pilot are good quality and we use radio and blue tooth technology with a cell phone.  You are strapped with a 3-points seat belt in the SkyKart and have overhead protection.


We made the Skykart as safe as it can be and believe that it is the simplest, safest and fastest and way to get your feet off the ground in one day.
How high can we go?

We fly mostly at an altitude of 400 feet and use a visible altimeter for the pilot to see.  It can go much higher and up to 5,000 feet or more.  We do not have to worry about airplane flying from 1,000 and above.

Is it difficult to learn?

Flying your first SkyDrive is very, very easy.  Learning to become a safe SkyDriver will take about one week with 25 flights or more.  Our youngest SkyDriver student was 12 and the oldest was 76 years old.

How long is the 1st flight?

Your tandem with an instructor is about 15 minutes and your very first SkyDrive is about the same time.  The training for your 1st solo flight takes about 4 to 5 hours.  You fly the same day, or the next one if the weather is not good.

Can I learn to fly by myself after my solo flight?

Yes you can.  You start taking your lesson and become a SkyDriver in about one week with 25 to 30 flights.

Do I have the control?

We control your first take-offs and give you the control one safely in the air.  We are always there with a radio to guide you through your first experience and during all your training.

Where can I fly the SkyKart and does it take a license?

You can fly the Skykart under the FAA 103 rules and it does not require a license or registration.  You can only fly away from airport or congested cities, in a wide open field.  See FAA rules 103 for more info on the Ultralight.

Can I buy one if I like the sport?

Yes you can and we build them for you.  You will need to train first, before you go home flying on your own.

How much to SkyDrive solo and a SkyKart with the paraglider?

Your first SkyDrive solo is $425.00 and a prior tandem flight is included.  To become a certified SkyDriver pilot with a minimum of 25 flights using our machines is $3,000.00.

Career opportunities.

We, at, offer training for new SkyDrivers and also the instructor rating.  Once you train to become a SkyDriving instructor, you can start your own SkyDriving school in your state, city or county and we will refer to you people who are in your area.


There are unlimited customers out there to reach to.  We are spreading the words, one successful SkyDriving flight at the time and so can you.


At the moment, there is only one SkyDriving center in Florida and there can be many more.  We have the know-how and can assist and help you in the process.  If you have the will, we have the way.  Contact us for more information about SKyDriving.  We will be at EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2018 in Wisconsin (